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Who we are


Who we are

Xiao Peng Portrait small

Master Xiao Peng

Master Xiao Peng was born in March 1962 in Hubei, People’s Republic of China. From the age of 8 he has trained in the Chinese movement and martial arts of Wushu (Kung Fu) and Taijiquan (Tai Chi).
He studied pedagogy and sport sciences and later taught Tuina and Qigong for over ten years at the renowned University of Hubei as well as the aforementioned movement and martial arts.
Today, Master Xiao Peng is a 6th Dan Grade holder of the ‘Chinese Wushu Association‘ and therefore ranks among the highest graduated masters in China. He has lived in Germany since 1995 and has taught the Chinese movement and martial arts with great success. Besides regular teaching at his school in Leipzig, he also travels to give seminars and workshops for Chinese Wushu (especially Wudang-Kung-Fu), Tajiquan and Qigong.

Andreas-Gran wujian-leipzigTrainer and Teacher - Andreas Gran

Andreas Gran began Judo training at the age of 7. Over time this extended to WingChun, Ninjutsu, Juijutsu and Taekwondo before finally discovering  Chinese Wushu (Kung Fu).  At the beginning of his study of pedagogy and sport sciences, Andreas met his long-term teacher Xiao Peng. Since his return from the People’s Republic of China where he devoted himself intensively to the study of traditional Chinese Wushu, Tajiquan, Qigong and healthcare exercises, he has not only undertaken his job as course instructor and trainer for traditional Chinese movement and martial arts but additionally as a freelance health coach, personal trainer as well as a lecturer for various training and advanced training institutes in the fields of fitness, prevention and health promotion. In the meantime, Andreas also regularly teaches abroad – every year commuting between Germany, Latin America and China.


What we teach

Within the Chinese movement and martial arts we teach various styles and exercise methods. In terms of ‘external’ martial arts we teach predominantly Shaolin Quan  少林拳, Chang Quan  长拳 and Jie Quan Do  截拳道– aside from Qin Na 擒拿 and the application of the individual martial arts.

Our main focus lies on the ‘inner martial arts’ - especially the Wudang Wushu. In this sense we teach notably Tai-Chi 太极拳 (Wudang style), Bagua 八卦掌 as well as Xing Yi 形意拳 and Fanzi Quan 翻子拳. In addition to this, we also teach Yang Tai-Chi and Chen Tai-Chi as well as Tui-Shou 推手 as a further practical aspect. Besides the simple hand shapes, teaching is also influenced by the sword, sabre, stick, short stick and spear as the most prevalent of weapons.

Within the scope of health promotion we also teach alongside Tai-Chi (with the main focus being ‘movement art’ and a holistic relaxation method) Qigong 气功, Yangshenggong 养生功, as well as various series of exercises stemming from the very old system of Daoyin 导引. More about the possibility of workshops and seminars in your city or your establishment.

about Wujian-Leipzig

dragon - transparentThe term Wujian (pronounced: Wu-dschiän) is made up of two parts: 武术 (wǔshù – martial art) and 键康  (jiànkāng – health). Movement, sport and fitness are generally also key to this concept as they are closely linked to both parts.
To hear how the name of our school - 武建 – is correctly pronounced, click on the green play button.

The following is important to us: quality, networking and satisfied students/course participants. Therefore, we are affiliated with the German Tajiquan and Qigong Network as well as the German Qigong Community and the Chinese Wushu Association.

If you are also a practitioner / teacher of martial arts or health promotion:
feel warmly welcome, to stay some days with us here in Leipzig. Let's share our ideas and experience, learn from each other, train togther and just have a good time. Of course your stay will be for free - we will be happy to receive you as our guest.

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